Bullen Boxers

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We welcome you to Bullen Boxers - our passion for healthy and beautiful Boxers.

Bullen Boxers is situated in the sunny island of Malta, Europe.

The Bullen bloodline is based on some of the top producing bloodlines in Europe, with our pedigrees including great producers from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and of course Malta.  We are a relatively young boxer kennel but with decades of experience with boxers. All our dogs are brought up and kept in house as part of the family, we firmly believe that their temperament is greatly improved this way, and it's soo much fun too! read more..

Our Boxers

All our current boxers are listed here, apart from co-owned boxers, as they are not listed on this site.

We firmly believe that dogs should be treated as part of the family, regardless if they are show dogs or pets. all our dogs live in our house, and we try to involve them in everything we do... family outings, camping and overland trips, etc.   read more..


At Bullen we take pride in bringing up beautiful and healthy Boxers, regardless if we are going to keep them or not! Our breeding program is solely aimed at enhancing the breed with carefully selected boxers; health, temperament and structure are our targets. We dedicate a lot of our time to the proper upbringing and socialisation of our pups with people, children and other dogs, and will provide all the possible help / guidance / assistance that you may require throughout the life of our pups. read more..  

Bullen Boxers are fed exclusively on Prince Premium Grain Free.

PRINCE & PRINCESS PREMIUM pet foods embody a holistic approach that is tailored towards optimum health for the best physical and mental ability to ensure longer life. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, PRINCE & PRINCESS PREMIUM pet foods have applied attention to detail in the quality of their ingredients, some of which provide a source of alternative remedies that contribute towards strengthening the immune system and minimising the triggers that may cause health problems or allergic reactions - thus allowing your dog or cat to enjoy life with you.

Meat - a high source of protein from only human grade fresh meat and includes an exotic selection of meats ranging from venison, ostrich to buffalo and gnu which provide extra support to body cells and production of metabolism.
Natural antioxidants - consist of a blend of vegetable and fruit extracts benefiting from a range of ingredients offering vast benefits.
Support - with exceptional knowledge of the market we can provide technical support to the product range and nutritional advice for the consumer. - Matthew Wismayer. Director, Pet Nutrition House Ltd.

The AAA hosts abandoned dogs. These dogs come from the streets, many of which were ill-treated by their owners, suffering from injuries and most often left to wonder in the streets because their owners cannot keep them anymore. Sadly, irresponsible owners abandon their animals anywhere, leaving them without a shelter, food and water.
The AAA has a strict non-killing policy.

As of 2013, Bullen Boxers have pledged to make a food donation to the AAA for every puppy born @ our kennels.

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