Bullen Boxers

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About Us

Bullen Boxers is situated in the sunny island of Malta, Europe.

The Bullen bloodline is based on some of the top producing bloodlines in Europe, with our pedigrees including great producers from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and of course Malta.  We are a relatively young boxer kennel but with decades of experience with boxers. All our dogs are brought up and kept in house as part of the family, we firmly believe that their temperament is greatly improved this way, and it's so much fun too!

Our Story
After settling down and starting our family, we decided that the time was right to introduce a dog as a family pet to our kids. We have both had dogs our whole lives, and having previously had two Boxers myself, it was a no brainer what breed to get.

We searched local ads and went to view dozens of litters, but we could not find any boxers that met our high standard (as we where told), well actually it's not our high standard, it's what we had in mind of what a Boxer should look like. The structure of all the dogs we saw wasn't what you could describe as close to the international standard. We saw pups that at first glance didn't even look like Boxers!

After all this searching and talking Boxers between us, we discussed the possibility of starting our own Boxer kennel. A project with the sole aim of enhancing the quality of the breed. Yan liked the idea as much as I did, so first off was to register an Affix (kennel name). It was while we where reading (for the hundredth time) the history of Boxers that the name Bullen came up. Boxers are descendants from the now extinct BullenBeisser... so what better name for a kennel than one that pays tribute to where Boxers came from, it's like going back to your roots.

We finally found the right female puppy!
We had just replied to an ad in the local paper and went to view his litter. Here we met Mr.Paul Cardona, owner of Anodrac Kennels, a professional breeder, that knew his dogs, trained them and showed them.
We fell in love with one of the brindle female pups and decided she was the one for us.
Her name is Anodrac Bullen Dancer.

Now the search was on to find a top quality male Boxer. 
After replying to yet another ad in the local paper, we met Ralph Camilleri, a person that is very passionate about his boxers. He's the proud owner of Emily, Monica and Julia. These three are exceptional Boxers, brought up as pets/companions, are 3 generations of his pups, with Julia being the daughter of Monica, and Monica in turn the daughter of Emily. We are very grateful to Ralph for letting us have one of his male pups.... Raphael Prodigy at Bullen (Ralfie).