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Boxer Rescue Initiative

Boxer Rescue Initiative

We love boxers and try to help them and their guardians as much as possible, regardless if their boxer is from our own kennels or not.

Through this initiative, we take it upon ourselves to find a good forever home for Boxers that for one reason or another have lost their home.

Generally, these boxers spend a certain amount of time with us prior to be available for their new homes. The reason for this is that we prefer to get them both physically and mentally fit, used to being in a loving home and cared for as a family member.

Each boxer is taken to the vet for a health checkup, and then is introduced to all our boxers. Rescues live in our house just like all our dogs and puppies, and are also put on our daily training, exercise and grooming regimes.

We do not charge any fees whatsoever for rescues, but encourage a donation to the dog sanctuary of your choice. Our As our part in this initiative we cover all the nutrition expenses, and the time and effort needed to bring back that happy smile on their cute faces.
Rescues are re-homed in the same way we find homes for our own puppies, by careful selection. Be prepared to be asked questions :)
We also extend our help, guidance and assistance throughout a rescued's lifetime, We will be there for you!

If you, or someone you know might be interested in giving a rescued boxer the family life it deserves, please do contact us.


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